Monday, December 10, 2007

Writing and Such...

I've only recently become aware of just how many people at my school are attempting to write books. There are several in my small class, and many more schoolwide, even a teacher or two. It would be wonderful to have a writer's group at my school. We just need someone to take the initiative and get it started.
I want to be that person. I want to step out and begin The Writer's Guild. I want a set time and place where aspiring novelists, poets, and journalists can get together and just write. To share our work, to brainstorm, to talk, to support, to just be.
In my opinion, writing a book is such a bold venture, traversing a long, adventurous path. Why not share it with others that are going down the same path?
What do you think?


Christian said...

I'm not a writer or anything ,but I think it would be a good idea personaly.

Raxgond said...

Bahahahaa, Shelby, you're so funny.

You know why? WHEAT! (No, wait...)

Aheheheh! I meant "it's because you say 'guild' instead of 'club' like Mrs. Spence uses."

Yeah. Something like that. Aheha!

I don't want to wait for January to start the guild.

I want to do it while I'm still excited about it! Heh!


That... was not supposed to make any sense. I makie tay no sen-say.

By the way, it appears my throat decided it would die on me. It hurts really bad-- I may not be able to talk tomorrow, who knows?

Oh, by the way, Recho just told me to say "hello" to you. He's standing over my shoulder in my imagination. o.o;

Come on, Shelbstaz. Recho's not that bad. He's just devious.

Oh, I'd fun typing out a random scene with Recho in it the other day for my book Sightless. I can print it out if you want me to do so?

(You may want to tell me the response at school; I probably won't get online for a couple more months.)

Aph! Have a nice day. <3

everlastingscribe said...

You better believe it's a good idea! I've got two good friends that I bounce ideas off of (when they aren't ducking or crying for me to knock it off ;)) and the encouragement and help writers can give each other is vital to our success!

If everyone on campus is as busy as you, however, you might want to make it a two-fold thing. Meet in person, and run or maintain a group page where members can log in and catch up with everyone else when they can't come in person. Just an idea. :-D

Shelby Marie said...

Raxgond!!! You're on the Internet!!!??? Is it back for good? Can we continue our roleplay now??? Thanks so much for coming by!!
As for Recho, hmmm...I'll give him a "hello" back and a warning that he had better not touch Sarah or Rendyn!!!(for the millionth time)

Scribe, thanks for commenting and for the idea! I've been spreading the word about this Writer's Guild--my English teacher and I are going to get it started after we get exams over with...

Christian, thank you for coming here just about every day and leaving comments. It makes me happy.

Farewell, all!!

ashley diane said...

Shelby keep on keeping on!