Wednesday, January 9, 2008

First Meeting

The Writer's Guild held its first meeting yesterday, and it went very well. There were six or seven people there, and I think we will all share a very intimate friendship. We spoke mostly of what we wanted to accomplish through this group and we told each other what we were most comfortable writing. It has been decided that next week, we will tackle ways to get rid of -gasp- WRITER'S BLOCK!!! That should be Anyway, this is a wonderful way to begin the new year, in my opinion. I'm very excited about where this group will go and what kind of accomplishments we will make together in the next few years.


christian said...

Well, i am very excited that is started this is something you wanted. I hope you get past this very dreaded WRITERS BLOCK... as you call it.

Shelby Marie said...

Lol, thanks. Luckily, I don't have WRITER'S BLOCK right now. I just keep thinking about the torture it gave me before Christmas. -shudders-.......I hope I don't get stuck for that long ever again.

roxanne renee said...

writer's block??? im obviously not a writer-lol