Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Poetry and Explanations...

Hello, all!
Before I post this poem, allow me to introduce you all to Aidelahd. He is a newer character of mine, a minstrel as a matter of fact. I did not plan him at all, he just showed up and started singing to me. Turns out he will play a very important role. In the book, Aidelahd is the author of this poem, which is called The Uprising.
Now, I must define a few things, or you might be confused a bit...
The Uprising- the period of time in Iverna when fifteen warriors, led by one called Veltorin, rallied men to them and rebelled against the King and Queen. There was desolation for months, and in the end, Veltoring overthrew the King and Queen and took the throne.
Iverna- my otherworld...the one Remedy gets pulled to(pronounced ee-Vair-nah)
Veltorin- leader of the rebellion, Dictator of Iverna
Adonai- my God-figure
Draedenai- the fighting men and women of Iverna(pronounced DRAY-den-eye)

Alright, then, I guess I'll shut up and post the poem now...haha!

The Uprising

Iverna once walked in Adonai's will
The King and the Queen His trusted friends
Draedenai pledged that for good or for ill
They would fight for Him to ev'ry end

But alas! Darkness stirred in hearts of men
They sought to bring about faith's demise
Fifteen warriors rallied men to them
And they rebelled against Adonai

Month after month, the blood flowed unhindered
The armies clashed, and during that time
Rebellion's leader trained elite killers
To make the Royal famly die

All through the Kingdoms cruel darkness was spread
And pain of death, our Draedenai took
Until Veltorin's opposition was dead
And bright of hope, Iverna forsook

The King and Queen were murdered in despair
When the ruthless killers were released
They left our Kingdoms lacking rightful heir
The Traitor's plan, it was now appeased

Years later, we still look back in sorrow
At Veltorin's heartless devising
And think of our ever-dark tomorrow
That began during the Uprising

Well, now that I've sufficiently bored you with an Iverna history lesson, please tell me what you think. I have two more, if you'd like to see them?

Write On!!!
Shelby Marie


ash said...

shelby that poetry was greatly amazing and please keep up the good work your bloogs are awesome!

Ian said...

Good poem....and nice prophesying!

I'm just a rhythm freak, if a poem doesn't have a consistent rhythm I automatically give it demerits...:)


Shelby Marie said...

Thank you, Ian! I am a rythm freak too...I try to count syllables.

Thanks for commenting,
Shelby Marie

christian said...

I love poetry. That was very good. I think you should stick to it. I mean this is a gift given to you by the one use it.

Sapphira Adi said...

That was great, Shelby! You are an awesome wrtier and I definitely want to see the two others! That awesome! You really are gifted.

Anonymous said...

Wow, great poem, as always! I hope you'll let us read some of your book! It sounds great! Actually.... you just gave me an idea for my story! Don't worry, I won't steal your idea.

***Flinn-fan-of-the-Twins*** said...

Very nice! I loved it. I'm officially interested in your! :)

Shelby Marie said...

Yay! I shall post the other two poems!