Monday, May 19, 2008

Prince Caspian at Last!!!

Yes! Caspian is here at last, and I got to see it on Friday after school! Oh, it was sooooo good! Definitely worth the SIX MONTHS of waiting! I'm gonna go see it about five more times....and then buy it when it comes out on DVD...
So, what did you guys think of it? Or have you seen it yet?
Write On!!!
Shelby Marie


Zoe said...

Sadly I haven't seen it yet. :'(

Amber Ybtolerant said...

Hey there! I'm at schoolk right now on my fone haha um no I don't go to that church of that yourh group - ihavent been to church in a long time actually - ppl usually think I'm sumone they know cus i look familiar but that's just me :)

Anyways have fun and comment for me- I get my email to my phone so I have immediate acess right now ttyl


Araken said...

I love that movie! Reepicheep is the best! Who is your fav character?

Ian said...

I just saw that movie! Reepicheep is AWESOMEFULNESS!

"You people have no imagination!"


Sapphira Adi said...

I need to see that movie! I have to wait a few days. Pray that I will make it!!!! :)


Jamin said...

I liked Prince Caspian more than the other movie! I've seen it twice so far, and I'd like to see it again.

There was a LOT more action in this than the other one.

By the way, I'm predicting this a year in adavance; the secret reason Caspian is going to want sail in the Dawn Treader is to find a way into our world to get to Susan.

Elliot Reed said...

Reepicheep!!! YAY!!! Anyways, if you can't tell, I saw it, and thought it was awesome!!! Hey remember that one part... lol, I won't give it away.


-Jamin, that would be hilarious! Edmund and Lucy get pulled to the ship, and the fist thing asked by Caspian is "Where's Susan?" LOL

Araken said...

I hope not. The real reason was to find the lords, i believe.

Paris said...

I haven't seen PC yet, but I'm already waiting for Voyage of the Dawn Treader! heehee

Shelby Marie said...

Hey, all. Sorry I've been gone...I am taking my exams and will be gone until Internet returns at my house.
I saw Prince Caspian for the second time yesterday! And, I must agree with you all...REEPICHEEP IS AWESOME!