Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Hey guys, I've a few updates on the school shooting thing.
First of all, there was a guy with a gun at the school, but he didn't fire any shots.
There were at least three hundred policemen at the college, and they were on lockdown all day, along with all the surrounding schools, including mine.
However, they still have not caught him...No one was killed or injured, which is good.
Thank you all for praying. It really means a lot.

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Shelby Marie


Christian said...

I heard about it on the news. There was a guy who came to see his wife. The police arrested him and held him at gunpoint in a room til' someone came to say that it wasn't him. They must have been extremely cautious. There also was a elementary school across the road. Any car that pulled in everybody in the car was escourted in the building by ten policemen.

Elliot Reed said...

Ya, I read about it as well. Those are scary situations, but I praise the Lord with you that no one was killed.


Ian said...

THank God that no one was hurt...

***Flinn-fan-of-the-Twins*** said...

Praise be to my King that no one was injured. I hope the gunman is caught soon!

Anonymous said...

Thank the Lord no body was killed or injured! That's still a pretty disconcerting event, to say the least!