Friday, February 29, 2008

When All Around Me Is Unstable

Hey guys,
Here's a little 2-verse poem I composed yesterday while thinking about what happened at the college a few days ago.

When all around me is unstable;
It tilts, tips and threatens to fall,
I drop to my knees in the chaos
And to the Holy One I call.

Screams and voices echo everywhere,
Worried questions about our fate.
I'm weeping, desperate for an answer,
He whispers, "I will not forsake."

What do you think of it. It's meant as a picture of how God gives us gentle reminders of His power when we're struggling or panicking. Does anyone have an experience like that to share?

Write On!!!
Shelby Marie


Sapphira Adi said...

That was beautiful, Shelby! I loved it! It puts my poetry to shame, in my opinion! That speak so many truths and it is only eight lines! Well done!

Ian said...

Sweet poem!

Sapphira, I don't think it puts your poetry to shame - that would be hard. It may be a bit better in certain opinions (I have not formulated one yet ;)), but there is a big difference...Not just saying that!


Ian said...

Oh, by "big difference," I meant a difference between being "Better" and putting something to shame...Just to clear that up ;)

IndinaTookOfMithegard said...

You are one awesome poet, Shelby!

IndinaTookOfMithegard said...

P.S. Have you ever thought of turning your poetry into a song?

Araken said...

Rock on!

Anonymous said...

that was great Shelby! I LOVE your poetry! You are really gifted!

***Flinn-fan-of-the-Twins*** said...

Beautiful. And yes, I have so many instances of that the list would be too long to write.

Shelby Marie said...

Thank you guys soooo much!
Sapphira, your poetry is fantastic and don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise!!!

Write On, Dear Friends,
Shelby Marie

christian said...

That was sweet like green beans and mashed potatos. You really are good at poetry

mom said...

That was wonderful girl!!!!!
Much love and many hugs!!!!!
And by the way I love it when we are all hanging out reading too---it's awesome!!!!!!

ashley diane said...

Shelby that was awesome and yea thats why my Uncle got me a cell phone cause he started worrying about me.