Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day

Hello, and Happy Day-After-Valentine's-Day!
Here is a poem that I recently composed...I thought it was kind of fitting for Valentine's.

Crying in the dark,
Mist creeping like a wraith.
Despair seeping quickly
Through my thin and wavering faith.

Aching in my heart,
Hopelessness setting in.
All my life's broken pieces
Too many to pick up again.

He enfolds me in His wings
His love my soul surrounds
Again my lips can sing
I was lost; now I'm found.

He picks up all my broken pieces
Puts me back together again.
My heart, in grateful praising, says,
"How I love thee, Heaven-sent!"

Well, what do you think? Pray, tell!

Write On!!!
Shelby Marie


Elliot Reed said...

That was incredible poetry!

Anonymous said...

That's Amazingly good poetry! You are very talented!

Sapphira Adi said...

That was some of the best peotry I have ever heard! Bravo! LOL. Happy Valentine's Day, too! I agree with Kailani, you are talented! Go, girl!

Araken said...

I really really like it! That rocks!

***Flinn-fan-of-the-Twins*** said...

Awesome! I loved it! Poetry is a great sorce of art. Bravo!

Araken said...

Oh yeah...

Shelby Marie said...

Thanks, guys!

Mom said...

Beautiful my Shelby---you are so gifted-----much love always----Write On!!!!!!!
Roses are red
Violets are blue
That was great poetry
and I love you!!!!

Shelby Marie said...

Thanks, Mom! I love you.
Write On!!!
Shelby Marie